I have experienced many transitions in my life. And I've supported many people through theirs. Sharing this journey with others has been deeply gratifying. Living in a rapidly and constantly changing world, our transitions are becoming more frequent and more challenging. Indeed, moving into this new way of supporting people is an integral part of my current transition.

Transition Mentoring offers me opportunities to provide support and new perspectives for clients who are dealing with a wide variety of career and occupation issues, as well as those of a more personal nature. I’ll work with you to explore your future goals and plans to achieve them. Examining those plans, we’ll look at your questions and concerns, your options and resources, and the next series of steps open to you. In this work, I call upon my education, experience, intuition, and personal development. Aligning my skills and talents with yours, we’ll explore your perceived limitations as well as the positive and productive (and often unrecognized) possibilities that await you."


The best way to get to know me and see what I have to offer you is to take advantage of a complimentary first session. The first session will include getting-to-know you exercises and, the giving and receiving of useful information and input. You can ask me questions, and we'll dialogue to determine how to proceed. Are you ready for a change?


Don Schwartz’ consultations have been integral, absolutely essential to the growth and development of the BioSync Research Institute. Don is resourceful, and capable of both tactical and strategy thinking. ~Leah and Mark Lamm, Founders, BioSync Research Institute

Don Schwartz sees hidden strengths and potential in people. He consistently challenges me to develop my abilities. Once we have agreed to move forward on a task, he won’t take no for an answer. Don enabled me to develop myself as a photographer in a way I could never have done on my own. Sometimes I feel Don knows me better than I know myself. I can say anything to him. He not only listens deeply and receives everything without judgment, he also gives objective feedback and direction. Thank you Don for helping me to stretch, to be a bigger person, and achieve things that leave me feeling more fulfilled.  ~Peter de Zordo

Don's way of listening and using words to mirror my feelings creates in my mind a certain space and objectivity. He helps me to be  more discerning and to live more intelligently. I am ever grateful for Don's support. ~Julia Lorimer

I have known and worked with Dr. Don Schwartz for almost 20 years and can truly state that he is an incredible healer. Don uses multiple modalities to create a healing program that specifically benefits you. After each session, I feel more balanced, attuned to higher vibrations, relaxed and uplifted. Don is professional, focused and gracious, always treating you with respect, honoring your individuality, and facilitating healing on ALL levels. ~Wendy Weir, Media Executive, Author 

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